Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch Up

I was informed that I am behind and I have not posted in a week. So here is goes. The first week of school went rather well. The kids all love their teachers and are glad to be back with friends and routine.

Hayden is doing well in tennis. He played in a tournament this past weekend and so did Richard. They did not win.. well yes, Richard did win the consolation bracket, but only because his player dropped out and so he won. Hayden is enjoying his early morning tennis for school. Today it was my turn for carpool to take the boys back to school and let me tell you they all stunk so bad. I told them I was bringing body spray for them tomorrow. They were all dripping in sweat. I guess they will be in much better shape in a month or so.

Hunter and Hannah are both dropping out of soccer this year. Hannah just has not enjoyed it the past year and so she wants to focus on ballet and gymnastics. I don't blame her and I am really glad. She is such a good dancer. Hunter is going to start playing tennis like his brother. We have some friends that are trying to talk Hunter into joining a swim team. So far he is not convinced that he wants to do that...even after watching the Olympics.

I have been on a wild hunt for my new glasses that I have only had for a month. I packed them in my suitcase when we went to Las Vegas... (I am almost positive... I remember throwing them in the suitcase anyway) Well they were no where to be found when we got to Las Vegas.. I have called everyone involved with Southwest. I am hoping and praying that they turn up in the lost and found in Dallas this week or next.

Not much else going on... if I have some time later I will try and post some of our Denver pictures.