Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Hannah is in the play that opened today for Amarillo Little Theater. It is called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. If you are in Amarillo this weekend try to go and see it. It is a really cute play based on the book. Today was the first school performance and she has one tomorrow. We have a busy weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows as well.

Hunter had the spelling bee this week. He did not win, but did good. He got 9th place... He now knows that Mom was right when I tried to get him to study for the past 3 weeks and he just said he would... but never did. I know he will try much harder next year. The kid that won is in his class and a good student... but Hunter is smarter than him.. this kid really studied... so it was an eye opener for him.

Not much else is going on.. I am a PE teacher this week. That is my favorite to sub for.. I get to wear my sweats to school.. Not heels.

I will try and update some pictures maybe this weekend. We have not even taken our Christmas card pictures yet.. so we are really getting behind.

Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Halloween Photos

Hunter and Hannah loved Peyton in his Elmo costume. He was so cute... he is a major Elmo fan now.

This is a picture of Hannah and her friend Logan. We go trick or treating in a large group every year and we usually take their pictures together.. Can you say "GO TECH!!"

I know you are in shock!!!

This is from Hannah's Bat play at school. She was the loudest singer you could hear only her... at least she was on key. Hayden got to come to Belmar for the Red Ribbon parade. He had a good time playing the base drum. I told him next year to pick the snare.. it is not as heavy.
Hannah is playing basketball for the first time. She actually made 2 baskets at this game!
This is from my trip to Dallas. This is my friends Tracy Cortesi, Nicki Crump and Tiffeni York. We stopped and ate at Maggiannos (sp) Really great food if you have not tried one.
This is from Hannah's play "The Velveteen Rabbit" She is on the second row in the grey with pigtails.

Ok, I know that I have nooooo excuse for not posting since September 2nd. Can I say that I am just busy all the time. Yes, I stay home... well some of the time... but life is just busy all the time. After school is one mad dash to another place. I don't get to sit down until 10:00 pm or so... Ok enough excuses.. I will try and catch you up on what has been going on.

October was busy with Hannah. She was in the play "The Velveteen Rabbit" It was a Amarillo Little Theater production. We had nightly practices for about 2-3 weeks. I also played lots of tennis. My combo team won a local tournament so we got to take a trip to Dallas and play in the sectionals there. It was lots of fun. My team did not do too well, but we had fun. So far to date this year, I have played 18 USTA matches and have 3 loses on my record... so I have played much better this year. Hayden played USTA junior tennis and did very well too. His team did not advance but he was the best player on his team. Richard was busy with his Oct 15th deadline at work. He still has yet to slow down. Hunter has not been doing too much other than guitar lessons during Oct.

November so far... consists of Hannah being involved in another Amarillo Little Theater play called "The best Christmas Pageant ever" It is really a cute and funny play. She does not have lines in this one... but is actually involved and on stage a lot more than her previous play. We now have practice nightly for 3 weeks Monday - Thursday. Hunter and Hannah both were models for me for the Christmas Roundup Luncheon. They modeled for Children's Place and looked so handsome and cute. Hannah thought it was the best... Hunter just liked the fact that he got to get out of school for the day. I even got Richard to model for Rafkinds. He got to wear a Burberry coat that was $700.00. He did not even know what Burberry was... ha!

I am still subbing at Belmar. One of the Kindergartners could not say my name last week and so I became Mrs. Rocketship to him.. it was so cute that I never did correct him. I get to sub in 1st grade tomorrow and then 3rd on Friday. My favorite to do now is PE. I love it... I can wear sweats or shorts.. I don't know what everyone would not want to be the PE teacher.

Hunter is going to be in the spelling bee at Belmar on Dec 2nd. He has always been a great speller. He loves to help Hayden spell words the right way. The kids are all doing really well in school this year. Hunter and Hannah have had all A's so far.. Hayden was really close.. he has a B in math, but all A's in the rest. Not too bad considering the only homework I ever see is math.

I cant think of much else to say.. so I will try and add some pictures.. we got to have Peyton spend the night the other night and it was fun. He was in such a good mood the entire time and just laughed and played with the kids.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Catch Up

I was informed that I am behind and I have not posted in a week. So here is goes. The first week of school went rather well. The kids all love their teachers and are glad to be back with friends and routine.

Hayden is doing well in tennis. He played in a tournament this past weekend and so did Richard. They did not win.. well yes, Richard did win the consolation bracket, but only because his player dropped out and so he won. Hayden is enjoying his early morning tennis for school. Today it was my turn for carpool to take the boys back to school and let me tell you they all stunk so bad. I told them I was bringing body spray for them tomorrow. They were all dripping in sweat. I guess they will be in much better shape in a month or so.

Hunter and Hannah are both dropping out of soccer this year. Hannah just has not enjoyed it the past year and so she wants to focus on ballet and gymnastics. I don't blame her and I am really glad. She is such a good dancer. Hunter is going to start playing tennis like his brother. We have some friends that are trying to talk Hunter into joining a swim team. So far he is not convinced that he wants to do that...even after watching the Olympics.

I have been on a wild hunt for my new glasses that I have only had for a month. I packed them in my suitcase when we went to Las Vegas... (I am almost positive... I remember throwing them in the suitcase anyway) Well they were no where to be found when we got to Las Vegas.. I have called everyone involved with Southwest. I am hoping and praying that they turn up in the lost and found in Dallas this week or next.

Not much else going on... if I have some time later I will try and post some of our Denver pictures.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back 2 School

I have not updated this in a few weeks... sorry but it has been a busy few weeks. We did go to Denver and had a great time. If I have time tomorrow I will try and post some of the pictures. We were home for 1 day and then Richard and I left for Las Vegas for 4 days. It was loads of fun... but we had been to Vegas in May so it was a quicker return then I would have wanted. We did not win the Wheel of Fortune, although we did try and give it a shot.

I made Richard go with me to see Mama Mia. We saw the movie and I really wanted to see the musical live. It was a great show. I was amazed at how close the movie really was to the live show.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids. Hayden has to be at tennis at 7:30 so I told Hunter and Hannah that they get to leave the house every morning with me at 7:15 to take him and then we will go to Belmar for them. I have to go back to Amarillo High and pick Hayden up and then take him to Crockett at 8:30. So I will have a few more miles to drive this year.

I will post some stuff tomorrow... I need to go and finish up some stuff for tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still not sure about rash on kids!

We still do not know what this is on the kids. Hunter is the worst. He is covered on his stomach and some on his back... he has about 50 spots on his stomach alone. Hunter does have an ear infection too so I will be trying to get him to the Dr tomorrow between 11-2 (hopefully... have a full day) and maybe we will find out what is covering their bodies. I have got to get these kids well.. we are going to Denver on Friday.

We had the first day of registration at Crockett today.. it was a mad house.. all those lost 6th graders that do not know what to think about such a big school after elementary.

Chicken Pox or Hot Tub Rash

Yesterday I was looking at Hannah while she had on her swimsuit and I noticed that she was covered in red bumps. She had a slight fever the day before... anyway.. I decided to take a look at the boys as well... they have them also on their stomach and back. Our problem is ... is this from the chicken pox booster that they got 2 1/2 weeks ago.. or from the hot tub because the PH has been high and I have had a hard time bringing it down. Anyway I called the Dr. and she just said to watch it and see if it spreads. They look the same this morning as they did last night.. so we will hope that it is from the chemicals.

Today is the start of the Crockett registration. I get to work it from 2-6 today and 2-6 tomorrow. I have told all 3 kids that they get to help sell T-shirts. If I can I will post later on.