Monday, August 11, 2008

Chicken Pox or Hot Tub Rash

Yesterday I was looking at Hannah while she had on her swimsuit and I noticed that she was covered in red bumps. She had a slight fever the day before... anyway.. I decided to take a look at the boys as well... they have them also on their stomach and back. Our problem is ... is this from the chicken pox booster that they got 2 1/2 weeks ago.. or from the hot tub because the PH has been high and I have had a hard time bringing it down. Anyway I called the Dr. and she just said to watch it and see if it spreads. They look the same this morning as they did last night.. so we will hope that it is from the chemicals.

Today is the start of the Crockett registration. I get to work it from 2-6 today and 2-6 tomorrow. I have told all 3 kids that they get to help sell T-shirts. If I can I will post later on.

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Petrel said...

Wow! What is in that water at your house? You should have gotten the pH down fairly quickly with that size pool. I do hope it isn't chicken pox!