Sunday, August 24, 2008

Back 2 School

I have not updated this in a few weeks... sorry but it has been a busy few weeks. We did go to Denver and had a great time. If I have time tomorrow I will try and post some of the pictures. We were home for 1 day and then Richard and I left for Las Vegas for 4 days. It was loads of fun... but we had been to Vegas in May so it was a quicker return then I would have wanted. We did not win the Wheel of Fortune, although we did try and give it a shot.

I made Richard go with me to see Mama Mia. We saw the movie and I really wanted to see the musical live. It was a great show. I was amazed at how close the movie really was to the live show.

Tomorrow is the first day of school for the kids. Hayden has to be at tennis at 7:30 so I told Hunter and Hannah that they get to leave the house every morning with me at 7:15 to take him and then we will go to Belmar for them. I have to go back to Amarillo High and pick Hayden up and then take him to Crockett at 8:30. So I will have a few more miles to drive this year.

I will post some stuff tomorrow... I need to go and finish up some stuff for tomorrow.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Still not sure about rash on kids!

We still do not know what this is on the kids. Hunter is the worst. He is covered on his stomach and some on his back... he has about 50 spots on his stomach alone. Hunter does have an ear infection too so I will be trying to get him to the Dr tomorrow between 11-2 (hopefully... have a full day) and maybe we will find out what is covering their bodies. I have got to get these kids well.. we are going to Denver on Friday.

We had the first day of registration at Crockett today.. it was a mad house.. all those lost 6th graders that do not know what to think about such a big school after elementary.

Chicken Pox or Hot Tub Rash

Yesterday I was looking at Hannah while she had on her swimsuit and I noticed that she was covered in red bumps. She had a slight fever the day before... anyway.. I decided to take a look at the boys as well... they have them also on their stomach and back. Our problem is ... is this from the chicken pox booster that they got 2 1/2 weeks ago.. or from the hot tub because the PH has been high and I have had a hard time bringing it down. Anyway I called the Dr. and she just said to watch it and see if it spreads. They look the same this morning as they did last night.. so we will hope that it is from the chemicals.

Today is the start of the Crockett registration. I get to work it from 2-6 today and 2-6 tomorrow. I have told all 3 kids that they get to help sell T-shirts. If I can I will post later on.

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Glasses for Hayden

Hayden went to the eye doctor and it is official, he has joined Richard and me in the ranks of the blind. He actually looks very good in them. We tried on about 125 pair before we found the right one, but I like the out come. They also have the sunglasses clip so that will be nice when he plays tennis.

The hot tub does work! Hallelujah! The electrician came today and hooked it all up and it came on the first time. We have drained it, and tomorrow we will fill again with water and 2 gallons of vinegar (anyone up for a dip in that... Stinky!) run it for 2 hours and then drain again.

Richard and me played tennis tonight again, we lost...our record is now 5 wins 2 losses. Our last game is next Tuesday, hopefully we will win. They do play us in the #1 slot, so that is usually the hardest pair. I sure hope that is the case, we don't like to lose.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

New Backyard Purchase

We have always wanted one, but did not want to pay the hefty price that they cost. A friend of mines brother is selling his house and has a hot tub that he got from Dr. Rush. He said that Dr Rush only used it 3 times... which the inside looks great. The outside cabinet is going to need some work, but anyway we bought it from him cheap.. well as far as hot tubs go. He has had it for a year and never put water in it. It was sooo hard getting that big thing in the back yard it took 4 guys and then of course I got to help too. Anyway it will be really nice this winter when it is cold outside. It will be perfect when you guys come for Christmas, so bring your swimsuits... no skinny dipping aloud. Richard, me and the boys worked all day yesterday getting the spot ready and laying down these 80 lb bricks and then today trying to get that massive thing through the gate. Pray really hard that on Tuesday when the electrician comes that it will work. We would hate to do all the work and then it not work. I will post some pictures of it later..

Tomorrow Hayden has to go to the eye Dr. He has been squinting when he watches TV. Lets hope that he is not too blind. Well it is late and I am really tired. Did you guys see the lady on Fox News this morning who makes enough money on her blog by having advertisements. She makes enough to pay for her house payment...and she has 6 kids... Nite!