Monday, August 11, 2008

Still not sure about rash on kids!

We still do not know what this is on the kids. Hunter is the worst. He is covered on his stomach and some on his back... he has about 50 spots on his stomach alone. Hunter does have an ear infection too so I will be trying to get him to the Dr tomorrow between 11-2 (hopefully... have a full day) and maybe we will find out what is covering their bodies. I have got to get these kids well.. we are going to Denver on Friday.

We had the first day of registration at Crockett today.. it was a mad house.. all those lost 6th graders that do not know what to think about such a big school after elementary.


Kari said...

What did the DR. say???

Kari said...

Happy early birthday to Hunter.. I know you guys will be gone this weekend and did not know when you will get back