Wednesday, December 3, 2008

The Best Christmas Pageant Ever

Hannah is in the play that opened today for Amarillo Little Theater. It is called The Best Christmas Pageant Ever. If you are in Amarillo this weekend try to go and see it. It is a really cute play based on the book. Today was the first school performance and she has one tomorrow. We have a busy weekend Friday, Saturday and Sunday shows as well.

Hunter had the spelling bee this week. He did not win, but did good. He got 9th place... He now knows that Mom was right when I tried to get him to study for the past 3 weeks and he just said he would... but never did. I know he will try much harder next year. The kid that won is in his class and a good student... but Hunter is smarter than him.. this kid really studied... so it was an eye opener for him.

Not much else is going on.. I am a PE teacher this week. That is my favorite to sub for.. I get to wear my sweats to school.. Not heels.

I will try and update some pictures maybe this weekend. We have not even taken our Christmas card pictures yet.. so we are really getting behind.

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